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employee share ownership plan

In the interest of building staff commitment to the quality and growth of the firm, Development Engineering offers a shared ownership program to every professionally qualified member of our consulting team.

The Employee Share Ownership Plan encourages accountability and creativity at every level of our organization. With a personal stake in customer satisfaction and market leadership, each of our staff takes an active interest in producing solutions that deliver the best value to our clients.

A study by the Toronto Stock Exchange showed how ESOP public companies outperform non-ESOP companies on several scales:

  • five-year profit growth was 123% higher
  • net profit margin was 95% higher
  • productivity measured by revenue per employee was 24% higher
  • return on average total equity was 92.3% higher
  • return on capital was 65.5% higher

Our ESOP program means more than profit sharing…

…it means sharing ideas and responsibility for continuous innovation as one of Ontario’s most efficient, most productive civil engineering consulting firms.

The benefits of ESOP to employees include:

  • share in the success of the company
  • representation of worth to the company
  • potential for significant tax savings upon share disposal
  • job satisfaction and pride of ownership