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Richard Ivey School of Business

The new Richard Ivey School of Business facility is a $110 million project to consolidate the Faculty of Business into a central, world class building situated on the site of former soccer fields adjacent to Western Road

3D construction modeling technology

Development Engineering recognizes how effective deployment of 3D modeling can achieve dramatic savings in project planning, construction costs and completion times.

3D digital models are able turn complex engineering plans into clear visualizations of the complete project. Once the model is constructed, selected aspects of the projects can be highlighted easily to demonstrate planning details for project partners and operators.

Our field staff have seen first-hand how 3D data combines with GPS-based survey and machine control systems to integrate design, survey and machine control processes and earn significant paybacks: less rework and reduced inspection costs. Contractors report* even greater results from on-the-job experience with GPS technology:

  • over 40% fuel savings for equipment
  • over 50% time savings for equipment
  • up to 95% time savings for surveyor

3D Modeling at Development Engineering is the natural first step to a complete GPS technology strategy for construction contractors.

Our Construction Services team can quickly produce accurate data sets from our own drawings or with engineering plans from any source. Our data preparation service is compatible with all popular construction software including Automatic Blade Control (ABC) systems from leading vendors including Trimble, TopCon and equipment OEMs.

Contact Development Engineering if your construction team is still considering the move to GPS-based survey and machine control. Our professionals can advise you on the tools, technologies and practices to get the best value for the needs of your business.

Until then, read over some of the field reports* from recent trade journals to learn how new site modeling technologies are giving contractors a competitive edge:*