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Make Development Engineering your source for accurate machine control data and site modeling.

Richard Ivey School of Business

The new Richard Ivey School of Business facility is a $110 million project to consolidate the Faculty of Business into a central, world class building situated on the site of former soccer fields adjacent to Western Road

3D construction data management

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The ability to produce digital “before and after” models of the design creates opportunities to:

  • reduce construction costs
  • avoid delays
  • improve competitiveness

… at every stage of production. Flexible 3D models not only provide a clear vision of earthwork goals for site managers and operators, they incorporate highly accurate data to enable precise estimating and monitoring as work progresses.

digital terrain modeling

From road and highway reconstruction, to commercial building sites, to new subdivision developments, precise 3D surface models from Development Engineering ensure accurate data to support GPS machine control.

Our experienced field crews establish onsite horizontal and vertical site calibrations and produce the 3D data files that ensure accuracy and precision from the office to the field. Our CAD technologists are able to flag areas of concern in the surface preparation and report them back to the contractor and engineer for resolution of the issues.

data preparation

As GPS receivers and robotic total stations become standard jobsite equipment, Development Engineering offers the professional data services that are required for successful implementation of the technology. For contractors who prefer to keep layout services in-house, our technologists can provide accurate and reliable digital point files and simplified AutoCAD files.

Development Engineering now offers a convenient web-based service to expedite data-prep services for contractors anywhere.

Learn more about out Data Preparation services here

data processing

Our survey team works in tandem with our engineering design staff to turn field data into custom reports, forms and drawings as needed by the client. A few examples include, but are not limited to:

  • as-constructed servicing plans
  • grade tolerance checks
  • volume calculations
  • existing condition drawings

Our resources allow us to tailor any data processing report to match our client’s specific needs for planning, tendering, verification, or archival purposes.