Our survey and layout services provide onsite engineering expertise to ensure conformance to design
details and clear direction for productive application throughout construction. Our construction layout
services include road staking, underground services and utilities, curbs, parking lots, earthwork grades,
and all other forms of civil related layout. Our robotic total station and GPS survey technology deliver
accurate topographic surveys efficiently. They can be used for as-constructed grading maps, as-constructed
service drawings and existing-to-proposed cut/fill plans for earthworks. Our data management services
provide a clear vision of earthwork goals and incorporate highly accurate data for precise
estimating and monitoring as work progresses.

Jukasa Motor Speedway

Image Source: Jukasa Motor Speedway

Project: Cayuga Motor Speedway Improvements
Location: Hagersville, ON
Services Provided: High precision FG TIN Model

Cayuga Motor Speedway

The Cayuga Motor Speedway received a major face lift and upgrade in 2016, including new infield, grandstands and track expansion. We were approached by our client to produce a high precision TIN model to be used with millimeter accuracy GPS grading equipment. The vertical geometry of the track was based on a profile of control at the base of the track with varying degrees of embankment used to determine the outside edge of the track. We found that by using standard terrain modelling practices, the TIN surface transitions were “too rough” to adhere to the tight tolerances required for a high speed race track. This problem was overcome with use of Civil 3D to densify the TIN information and produce smoother transitions between vertices and adhere to the minimal tolerances required on the project.

We received feedback from our client on the excellent quality and smoothness of the TIN model. The high precision model helped guide our client to work within the tight tolerances and timeline of the project.

Lock 7 Welland Canal Seaway

Image Source: T & V Davidson

Project: Lock 7 Welland Canal Seaway
Location: Thorold, ON
Services Provided: 3D Anchor Bolt data

Lock 7 Welland Canal Seaway

The Welland Canal is a central hub for commercial shipping in Ontario. St Lawrence Seaway Corporation does routine maintenance and upgrades on the locks. In 2015, Lock 7 received upgrades to the boat anchoring system. This system was unique in the fact that is was installed vertically within the wall of the lock in three locations. Our client required a solution to use robotic total station to pin point the entry location of the anchor bolts for the pre manufactured steel channel on the vertical concrete wall with a height over 21m. Due to pre-manufactured panels being used for the anchoring system, the tolerance for the bolts was less than 5mm. Through the use of 3D polylines and a specific CAD layer system, we were able to produce the alignment of over 160 vertical bolt locations for each of the 3 vertical anchoring systems within 4 business days to keep the client on schedule and within tolerance to complete this unique and challenging project.


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