Our studies measure the impacts of road and rail traffic noise adjacent to residential
developments and other sensitive areas. We have been certified as noise consultants
by the Ministry of the Environment since 1998. We can recommend and test
measures to mitigate sound and ground vibrations in compliance with provincial and
municipal guidelines.

Noise & Vibration

Noise assessment typically includes the collection of road and rail traffic data from nearby infrastructure owners (government agencies and railways) and utilizing this information to model impacts on a prospective noise sensitive development using software developed by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Ontario (MOECC). Mitigation measures are then proposed where in exceedance of the MOECC noise guidelines, including but not limited to the application of noise warning clauses, mandatory installation of centralized air conditioning, institution of noise mitigating building components (windows and walls), and noise walls. Where applicable, review and assessment of proposed specialized building components is conducted on behalf of the builder in support of permit for construction. Vibration assessments typically include taking of vibration readings using a seismometer within varying distances from existing railways adjacent to a proposed development. Based on the monitored results, vibration mitigating measures may be proposed to limit impacts on proposed building foundations.